Breaking News: SPLM-IO warns SPLA-IG, and its Spokeman, Brig Gen. Lul Ruach Kong for being a liar and sabotaging the Implementation of the Peace Agreement

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July 4, 2016, Office of the Spokesperson for the SPLA- IO/ Juba-South Sudan

SPLA-IG, has been sabotaging the Implementation of the Peace Agreement.

Press Statement

Col. William Gatjiath Deng

Spokesperson for the SPLA-IO

There are serial violations that the SPLA-IG has been carrying on purposely to derail the implementation of the agreement in the country, but this practices may not bear a good image in our beloved nation. Last week, I read the large press statement which publicized by my counterpart “Brig-Lul Ruach Koang” on the Daily vision News Paper on Monday that accused the SPLA-IO Spokesperson branded serial liar. But the fact remains as it is. The general publics including the infants, are fully aware of the current volatile situation prevalently exist in the country. Our pure objective as the SPLA-IO is to carry a national headway that I could refer to as, unity among the people of South Sudan rather than enriching their extermination.

The worst part of the violations is the continual insecurity within Juba as the National Security (NS) and the Military Intelligence (IM) General Intelligence Bureau have made a ill plan to assassinate the all former Intelligence officers who deserted to the SPLA-IO and this plan must overturn this nation to the worst stage unless they reverse their plan immediately.

National Security agents shots our cars and firing random bullets even near the residence of the 1st Vice President.

1. On date 16/6/2016, National Security shot the car of the 1st Vice President at Gudela road and.
2. Shot also the car of the share command Cdr. John Mabiek Gaar at Mongateen on 19/6/2016.
3. On the 2nd of July/2016, the SPLA-IG, killed our good officer by the name “Lt.Col. George Alex Sandra” while he was found sitting with his brothers shot him and take him away and brought his body back at night and place it at the Juba Teaching Hospital.
4. They have planned to assassinate all former National Security and IM officers and personnel who deserted to the SPLA-IO.
5. They keep 137-IO members in their detention and they don’t want release them, where is the peace?

SPLA-IO, has a national agenda and the high moral ground to implement the peace agreement which signed on 17th August 2015, in Addis Ababa tended to end the three year conflict and trying to ameliorate the deep hereditary hatred and tribalistic notion that has heaped in minds by those who seem to mastermind the system. I would like to advice my counterpart Brig. Gen Lul Ruach Koang, to stop fabrications and he should reduce hypocritical behavior because it doesn’t match with this career. So this time around, the SPLA-IG Spokesperson has been talking on the violations that caused by the SPLA-IO forces in Upper Nile, Equatoria and Bharel Gazal.

The President of the Republic of South Sudan immediately made a disputable decision resulting to cancellation of (4) cantonment sites that supposed to be given to the SPLA-IO forces in the (2) regions, and other (15) people formed as a committee and purposed to have verified the status of (28) states and we view this as a serious violation of the agreement. Now SPLA-IO and the entire people of South Sudan have got a clear picture on the brand new violations of peace agreement and everybody now have quoted the statement from the president which highlights and creates other more ambiguity and deep bewildering among the people of South Sudan as to why President has chosen unpopular decision which seems to create other tension in the country? Brig. Lul Ruach, the SPLA-IG Spokesperson and Makuei Lueth, the Minister of Information should learn the logic; all this time around, these two guys have been denying the present of the SPLA-IO forces in the two regions, that is greater Equatoria and Greater Bhar el Gazal, but they have been also accusing SPLA-IO to carry out skirmishes’ and pickpocketing on the roads and sometime asking the SPLA-IO leadership to talk and stop such practices, how?.

Of course, the SPLA-IO, has a huge forces around Equatoria and Bharel Gazal and they are commanded by our generals who had officially commissioned by the C-IN-C of the SPLA-IO and they are not criminals but SPLA-IG forces are agitating us in the regions, they used to hunts our forces at their bases. The SPLA-IO, neither kill civilians nor does robbing the passengers on the roads as baseless fabrications have been disseminating to the public that, the SPLA-IO has no present at all in the regions.

Below are the serial violations usually made by the SPLA-IG in the Country:

Juba should have been demilitarized instead of militarizing it.
All access forces should be taken to 25-Killo out from Juba town.
28 states could be reduced to only 10 states.
Cantonment sites for SPLA-IO forces in the two regions should be implemented.
The absent of the above bullets, everybody in the country must note that it is a serious violation of the agreement leave alone your negative fabrications based on white propaganda on the public. The SPLA-IO forces is not impressed for any ill-plan that has been masterminded and tends to cause other mass killing as it has happened in Wau between SPLA-IG forces and the police forces. Therefore, the SPLA-IG has inherited the mass killing in the country and they must be told to stop and they must know that masterminds must soon bring to book for better elucidations or what is behind that plan.

The SPLA-IO forces in the (2) regions are existing in their bases even though the SPLA-IG always disregards them, they must remain there until their cantonment sites are approves and they will not attempt to launch an offensive but they must defense themselves when they are attacked. Let it be in your attention that, we have come here to implement the peace agreement not just comporting anybody whose job is to disrupt this agreement. It is better you tell the world that, you have chosen the war in the country instead to put people in dilemma by creating serial injustices.

Office of Spokesperson for the SPLA- IO/ Juba-South Sudan
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