Press Statement: SPLA-IG inherited killing SPLA-IO soldiers in Juba

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Col. William Gatjiath Deng

Spokesperson for the SPLA-IO

Press Statement

After the killing of comrade, Lt-col George Alex Sandra who lost life in Juba at Suk-Sita last Saturday near Kator Payam by the National Security (NSS) and Military Intelligence (MI) operation purposely doing this to eliminate and assassinate all the former National Security and Military Intelligence who deserted their system and joined the SPLA-IO to jeopardize the implementation of the Agreement.

They have again killed the SPLA-IO soldier by the name “Sgt Domach Koat Pinyien” who was also the former National Security personnel (NSS). Comrade Domach was caught after the gunshot at Jabel Check point took place in the same evening on Saturday and took him to Jabel Suk and slaughtered him at night. We were moving around looking where he might have been kept, unfortunately, he was found dead and placed at SPLA-IG Hospital.

They have been attacked the SPLA-IO base at Loronyo in Kapoeta yesterday and even today, they burn down the villages , rapes women and Girls and looting the civilians, properties and they also threaten and ordering them to show them were the SPLA-IO bases are located in the area.

It has becomes very clear that SPLA-IG forces are being ordered by their high authorities to disrupt, intimidate and jeopardize the implementation of the Agreement since they have known that JMEC and Troika plus other peace facilitators become toothless, but I don’t know who could be blame if things turn worst?
It is not at all our interest as the SPLA-IO leadership to take this country back war because the the entire people of South Sudan are thirsty to have engulfed the real peace in the country.

But SPLA-IG breaking the peace now in a day light and their behavior of inculcating such practices becomes hereditary and will never be controlled because it is a real plans being put in place.

We the SPLA-IO keep blaming the JMEC, Troika for not doing their job because they were the real partners to peace and pushing both warring parties to respect the scopes of the agreement and now, the agreement is on the verge of impinging on their hands.

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