Breaking News: SPLA-IG soldiers are building illegal Barracks near SPLM-IO in Juba and harassing FVP Dr. Riek Machar

Members-of-Tiger-Battalion-responsible-for-providing-security-for-South-Sudan-President-First-family-and-other-Key-Government-installationsJuly 6, 2016, In Juba: SPLA-IG soldiers are building up heavy army presents in and around Jebel. it also have been reportedly that Security forces in Juba have been accused of harassing the first vice president, Dr Riek Machar Teny in his residential area of Jebel Kujur since Saturday.

The official source says that the presence of SPLA soldiers around the residence of the first vice president is a big intimidation. Some residents in the surrounding area also expressed some discomfort due to lack of information.



  1. Whatever man those guys have no will for peace i just can’t imagine they want to fight again after what their people are gong through. They should all go back to school, i am tempted to think that its ignorance disturbing them not really will for power struggle.

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