Breaking News: SPLM-IO’s Machar forces foil another SPLA assassination attempt

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South Sudanese forces loyal to the first vice president Dr Riek Machar Teny have foiled another attempted assassination of two of their forces in Juba.

According to our highly placed security sources in SPLA-IO forces, unknown gunmen Wednesday attempted to kill two of their soldiers near Seventh day Adventist church roundabout but were met with stiff resistance and were repulsed leaving behind their vehicle.

“The so call unknown gunmen had miserably failed in their attempt to kill two of the SPLA IO soldiers near the seventh Day Adventist round about. They were met with strong resistance, when trying to implement their evil plan of the state coordinated policy of Nuer ethnic cleansing,” security source told us.

A source added” they were forced to run as fast as their two legs could carry them leaving behind their car. So with this enough evident, they are now known gunmen and not unknown. Below is their vehicle captured by our gallant soldiers”

The incident happens barely days after two other SPLA-IO soldiers were also gunned down in Juba allegedly by government military intelligence officers and National security although SPLA army spokesperson dismissed the claims saying that it was unknown armed group attacking them.

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