SPLA-IO accuses govt of killing soldier in Juba

The SPLA-In Opposition has accused the SPLA of killing one of their soldiers at the Jebel Checkpoint last Saturday evening.

SPLA-IO spokesperson William Gatjieth Deng said Sgt Domach Koat Pinyien, a former Nation Security Services officer, was abducted and taken to Jebel Suuk and killed before being taken to a military hospital. The alleged killing follows the killing of another SPLA-IO member named Lt Col George Gismala last week.

Gatjieth also accused the government of detaining many SPLA-IO members. However, he did not provide any details as to the names or locations of these detained SPLA-IO members, or when they were arrested.

Meanwhile, residents in Juba report tension in the capital city before the fifth aniversary of South Sudan’s independence on 9 July. According to witnesses, SPLA soldiers, police, and non-uniformed men set up checkpoints at major roundabouts in the city including Seven Days and Customs.

The setting up of the checkpoints followed a reported standoff between SPLA and SPLA-In Opposition troops outside the premises of UN OCHA yesterday. No shots were fired during the incident.