Breaking News: Truth has been reveal, Salva Kiir “Wants The Head of Riek Machar In Silver Plate”

By David Athorbei,

While South Sudan peace agreement is struggling to survive, President Salva Kiir Mayardit is the main suspect behind the death of the Compromised Peace Agreement, he wants the head of his First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

The president has killed the peace agreement and he is now haunting his First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

The president does not have the nation at heart. He has his own personal ambition to be in power for life.He refused to sign the peace agreement; he refused to discuss the root cause of the conflict; he refused justice and accountability and he also refused the return of Dr. Riek Machar Teny to Juba. Can the South Sudanese really trust such a president any more?

On Friday, the plan was to start the war at the government stronghold in J1 to kill all the bodyguards of Dr. Riek Machar Teny and Riek Machar himself. Then Kiir would later come out to claim that Riek Machar’s bodyguards started the war just like Makuei lied yesterday on Television and then claim that “we lost the First Vice President in a crossfire. That plan did not succeed because the bodyguards of Machar fought back until their reinforcement arrived.

This did not happen because the bodyguards of Riek defeated the bodyguards of Kiir and took control of J1 until they escorted Riek back to his residence later at 9pm. Kiir did not have a chance to kill Riek because Machar’s bodyguards inside would have fought first and both the two leaders could have died. It was a risky plan.

All these are just good tactics and they have been failing since Friday. They lured Riek to Juba and lured him to J1, which is a government stronghold, where all his bodyguards were killed, and then continued to play Riek in the name of peace after they failed at their first attempt. Salva Kiir cannot be trusted, any more.

After he failed to kill Riek at J1, the enemy had plan again to pursue him at his residence and kill him there but again his bodyguards fought and defeated Kiir’s soldiers and captured many parts of Juba.

From the language of Michael Makuei Lueth and Taban Deng Gai yesterday, you can tell that there was something fishy. They said the president will come out today to make a “unilateral declaration” to end the conflict. People asked, where would Riek be? The unilateral declaration is meant to announce the death of Riek and the end of war. That is their evil plan.

Makuei was very confident because according to their plans, their army would have overran Riek’s residence within 3 to 4 hours on Sunday and kill the first vice president before the sunset. This is when Kiir was going to come out and address the nation as the president of the Transitional Government and try to convince everyone to work under him like Garang did to Gai Tut and his supporters in mid 1980s.

That is the plan. It is unbelievable that the war has taken the whole day when the SPLA soldiers tried very hard to overrun jebel and Gudele after closing at the exit routes.

In other words, this war is framed to kill only Riek Machar and the rest of the politicians are free to work under Salva Kiir as the president. In fact, Gen. Taban Deng has already understood that principle and he has already taken his position to work under president Salva Kiir even when Riek is eliminated.

The three men who briefed the media yesterday were sent by President Salva Kiir to go to buy time and calm down the civil population while the soldiers continue to hunt for Dr. Riek Machar.

If Dr.Riek was captured on Sunday afternoon, the soldiers would have killed him on spot and come to Kiir to declare the end of the war.

Kiir would come out to report that his First Vice President was killed in a crossfire and order the army to stop fighting or else any soldier who continues to fight would be crushed by all means possible. Kiir would then declare Gen. Taban Deng Gai as his First Vice President to calm down SPLM/SPLA-IO and the bitter Nuer community.

Gen. Taban is being used by the enemy to play a good-guy role to calm down the situation and confuse supporters of SPLM/A-IO because as he said, he negotiated the peace agreement and therefore he would be understood and respect by the loyalists of SPLM/SPLA in Opposition.

The plan has failed on Sunday but they will keep trying until they succeed or until the SPLM/SPLA-IO defeat them.

May God save South Sudan.



  1. It is excellent analysis! Saliva Kiir put a vast amount of resources, lives, and energy to eliminate one man, Riek Machar in the south Sudan. Thinking that Riek is only potential candidate for the presidency, so in absence of Riek, will guarantee 100 years of Dinka rules in the south Sudan, a president, Saliva Kiir has predicted. It is not easiest to just kill someone, anyway, they have tried, and they have failed with all over 10,000 soldiers, unknown number of tanks, trucks, three helicopter gunships, and Riek side, his soldiers and generals combined, less than 1400, the only guns they have is the AK47s, 7RPGs and 7PKMs. Imagination is obvious, they would have just killed him easily and all those politicians allies to SPLM_IO. Riek is with him are all the best trained generals who led their troops in the several frontline during the South-North Sudan Civil War that brought about the current the independent of south Sudan. I would remind this, it is courage, bravery and hearts that fights, not the numbers. Nuer used to says, the one Nuer man equivalent to 10 Dinka in fist fight. Take it from there, you are the judge!

    • Hahahaha God help South Sudan, there is no leader and future leader in South Sudan, people even comment according to their interes, these are people who will keep war in South Sudan and like tribal things, hope they are not in the country where they could see how bad war is, please brother analyze and meditate upon the message before you comment however I wish you to speak and pray for peace thanks.

  2. The article speaks the truth about the plan that has been there all along to eliminate Machar. Looking at how things are unfolding, I think Machar sincerely wants peace to prevail in South Sudan while Kiir is not. Just trace the truth from when the peace negotiations started to know what Kiir stands for. Pople are dying in Sudan because of him and the best thing that can ever happen to that country is not to have him as a president. He doesn’t care about human lives and dignity that why Kiir and his forces stand for murder, rape and every atrocity imaginable. Until when will the world sit back and just watch him kill people?

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