Breaking News: Salva Kirr’s SPLA government forces losses 1700 soldiers, their bodies have been collected


July 12, 2016, SPLM Government have losses 1700 Soldiers in 4 days fighting, their bodies were collected by the UN and hand over for mass graves burials.

Paul Malong was reporting crying and ask so many questions as to where did SPLM-IO get forces from?

More details are coming,

Stay tune



  1. Paul Malong,you thought killing Nuer is just an easy trip?
    You don’t have a way only to recognize that south sudan with its resources belongs to all southerners no one is better than the other,Jieng council is going to destroy your nice and reach Dinga tribe forever and completely, because you have already became an enemy for all south Sudan tribe.that is way the nice and rich Nuer got a power.

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