Breaking News: One survivor of Bodyguards of SPLA-Spokesman tells the Ordeals of his lives and those who did not make it

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July 13, 2016

Below is a narrative of ordeal

He said,

“I really thank the Almighty God making me to survived the attack by dinka soldiers .we were collected by Majok lual Riek together with brigadier general LUL RUAI bodyguards and tried to take us in a safe place but we were attack by gang dinka soldiers and we were told to sit down and all bodyguard guns where taken by them .

They start shooting on us when we are on ground but unfortunately tong Deng was shot and the two bodyguard and I was left as a dead body with three bullets but I survived. but all my other properties were taken .am on a cover in unknowned placed still in juba.”

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