South Sudanese Fleeing Violence are Attacked, Raped and Robbed by Soldiers at Military Roadblocks, Some are Killed

ON JULY 14, 2016Fresh fighting

South Sudanese attempting to flee the violence to Uganda are reportedly attacked, brutalized and robbed by armed men who have mounted several roadblocks along the Juba-Nimule Highway.

Victims East Africa Daily correspondent spoke to described the Juba-Nimule road as “hell”.  There are many cases of dead bodies scattered across the highway. Wreckage of cars burned and riddled with bullets are reportedly visible on the road.

“We witnessed the first case at around 8:47 pm on Tuesday (June 12, 2016) as two men were rushed at a refugee center here in bleeding profusely from bullet wounds. The Two were rushed to Lacor Hospital in Gulu. Later, a vehicle came in with three dead bodies of the victims of the attackers. they were sent to Lacor hospital mortuary” he said.

By Wednesday evening, there were dozens of cases of similar nature reported. Women who didn’t have the amount of money demanded of them were reportedly raped at military check points they said. Men also reported similar cases.

“All the people at the refugee center here who came in most part of Wednesday have similar tales. There are many road blocks, buses are stopped by armed men and they are ordered to pay an amount money to be given a pass” our reporter said.

The victims say they are being brutalized by soldiers dressed in SPLA army uniform with a South Sudanese national flag”. East Africa Daily Could not verify these claims.

Most people escaping the violence in Juba are being received by the United Nations and Officials from Office of the Prime Minister in Uganda. The refugees are being transport to a UN Refugee Center in Adjumani (Northern Uganda), while Ugandans are facilitated back to the homes.

Yesterday morning, a one Hassan Abdi 28, a Somali national was rushed at Elegu Police station in Uganda with a bullet wound in his leg and was later referred to Lacor.


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