FDP Condemned the Juba Two Massacres July, 2016

16 July 2016

Urgent Press Release


Re: The Juba Two Massacres July, 2016

The leadership of Federal Democratic Party/ South Sudan Armed Forces (FDP/SSAF) has been loud and clear all along that President Salva Kiir and his First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar cannot reconcile the country which they destroyed in the first place. We voiced our strong opinion against their leadership of the TGONU to the IGAD-Plus and partners before signing of the August, 2015 Peace Agreement on South Sudan.

The Juba two massacres would have been averted had the two leaders were left out of the TGONU. Secondly, the IGAD peace agreement that was signed where has so many defects and very weak safe guards for its implementation.

We have maintained all along that the three SPLM factions lost confident among themselves and no political will to reconcile the country. The only window of opportunity to implement the agreement was to demilitarize Juba and other major towns and put the maintenance of law and order in the hands of a neutral force – UNMISS –IGAD.

What is the way forward in the light of Juba two massacres July 2016…?????

The Leadership of Federal Democratic Party/ South Sudan Armed Forces FDP/SSAF proposes the following:-
1. IGAD-Plus and partners military intervention in South Sudan to stop the bloodshed and prevent the country from drifting into total chaos. This intervention is intended to achieve and take these measures:
A) The IGAD-UNMISS forces to maintain law and order throughout the country until the restructuring of South Sudan law enforcement is completed.
B) To enable South Sudan establish an all inclusive and genuine TGONU under civil administration without President Salva Kiir and First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar.
C) To oversee the restructuring of the security sector institutions to reflect South Sudan national diversity based on federal structure.
D) Resettlement of IDPs and refugees.
Democratise transformation of the country.
E) Establish transitional Justice and accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
F) Develop comprehensive macro-economic recovery program for South Sudan

2. In the event the first option is not viable in the eyes of the IGAD-Plus and partners for any reasons, the Leadership of Federal Democratic Party/ South Sudan Armed Forces (FDP/SSAF) would like to advance once again this outcome. The People of the RSS who are now being oppressed by Kiir regime may rise in their diversities in defence of their alienable rights and from using all means at their disposal to resist dictatorial policies, programs and practices perpetrated by Kiir regime. As a result, the RSS shall immediately turn into a failed state status.

We want to remind the IGAD-Plus and partners that prevention is better than cure in the Republic of South Sudan.

Regional intervention is not new in Africa. It saves lives and suffering of innocent civilians from the jaws of fighting military forces – a case to cite West Africa regional International force that saved lives in Liberia and Sierra-leone.

2. In conclusion, the Leadership of FDP/SSAF calls on the IGAD-Plus and partners to intervene with IGAD regional force and be backed up by UNMISS forces currently stationed in South Sudan in order to save the Republic of South Sudan from drifting to a total failed state and save its people from killings, hunger and diseases.

Hon. Gabriel Changson Chang
Chairman and C-in-C of FDP/SSAF


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