Breaking News: Call upon Lou Nuer, SPLA Juba is Preparing to Bomb Lou Nuer with 12 hours according to Lul Ruach

lo.jpgJuly 17, 2016, Dinka of Juba declared war on Lou Nuer. The leadership of the Lou Nuer worldwide are being call to wake up, Dinka are preparing themselves and declared war on Lou Nuer according to SPLA-Spokesman Lul Ruach Koang .

on Statement on his Facebook, Brig. Lul Ruach who is a Spokesman of the SPLA say that “Lou-Nuer White Army to be Bombed”

here is a full text from Lul Ruach Koang
Lul Ruai Koang
Lou-Nuer White Army to be Bombed
This is to inform above mentioned armed group that SPLA GHQS has credible and verified information indicating that you have been mobilizing for war and that over three thousand have already gathered in Yuai, Uror County and others are currently meeting in Waat-Nyirol County with a view of joining the conflict in support of SPLA IO.
The SPLA GHQS urges you the Lou-Nuer White Army not to make another fatal mistake by joining Riek Machar and Simon Gatwech Dual’s senseless and unjust war for power.
With this message, SPLA top military leadership urges you to disperse from Yuai and Waat and immediately retrun to your homes and Luaks within 12 hours failure to which SPLA Airforce would be used to bomb you. Be warn that failure to listen and take this warning seriously would resort to very destructive aerial bombardment of Lou-Nuer White Army who would attempt to leave Lou-Nuer territories with the intention of joining the war in support of SPLA IO.



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