Weston Wanjohi’s lies and negative propaganda Against Sudan Peoples’ liberation Movement In Opposition (SPLA/IO) and its leadership

wwWeston Wanjohi’s lies and negative propaganda Against Sudan

Peoples’ liberation Movement In Opposition (SPLA/IO) and its leadership.

Mr. Weston Wanjohi.

July 18, 2016, First of all, this man Mr. Weston Wanjohi is a Kenyan national who claims to be a Member of Parliament representing the Roysambu constituency. He spends most of his time writing about the conflict in South Sudan rather than concentrating on his own people or country.

He has made some wild and serious accusation against SPLA/IO and its leader Dr.Riek Machar. He still believes that Dr. Riek Machar and the former detainees tried to topple the tribal Dinka Government of Salvar Kiir in December 2013. The whole World knows this claim made by the Dinka tribe was not true and yet, this dishonourable MP believes the absurd story. He has painted Dr.Riek as the bad guy and Mr. Salvar Kiir who is killing his people as the good one.

Here is the reason why Weston is behaving like this, of course once again it is money that makes people loose moral compass. He is being paid by the murderous regime and the butcher of Nuer tribe Salvar Kiir to deflect attention from charges of atrocities and war crime against humanity. He has formed a group called “Friends of South Sudan in East Africa (FOSSEA)” and which, he is the regional coordinator. It is through this group that the dishonourable MP makes his living. The people of South Sudan do not want friends like this.

I just want to alert the people of Roysambu constituency and the Government of Kenya about the activities of Mr. Weston Wanjohi whether he has not broken any parliamentary rule by acquiring money from outside the country.

Lastly, I also want to remind Weston that, over 20,000 people from the Nuer tribe were killed and nearly 2 million from other tribes were displaced within the country in 2013 as a result. In the second incident at the Presidential office J1, 700 people lost their lives and 42,000 displaced in Equatoria region. This is a serious humanitarian catastrophe and, before you write rubbish, pause and reflect on those innocent people who perished.



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