Breaking News: Lists of Jieng Dinka Elder who want to killed Dr. Riek Machar and are behind Crisis in South Sudan

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July 19, 2016 ” LEAKED: List of 45 Jieng (JCE) elders that masterminded the South Sudan Crisis

Juba – Jieng (Dinka) Council of Elders or JCE are a group of elders originating from Dinka ethnic group. The group was formed in 2013, according to its Chairman Ambrose Riiny to counter “the upsurge in popularity of Riek Machar in gaining the SPLM leadership from Salva Kiir”

The group has since been blamed for the crisis due to their role in recruiting Dinka youths (mainly from the Greater Bhar el ghazal) who carried out door to door killing of ethnic Nuer in Juba between December 16 – 19, 2013.

These are the names of the 45 JCE representatives coming from various States around the country.

‪#‎A‬. Jieng Representatives from Upper Nile State.

1) Hon. Deng Chol Deng, Abialang section.

2) Hon. Akot Dau, Ager section.

3) Hon. Gatwec Nyok, Nyiel section.

4) Hon. Thon Mum, Dongyol section.

5) Mr. Joseph Nyok Abiel, Ngok section.

6) Dr. John Antipas Ayiei, marbek section.

7) Mr. William Sunday, Paweny section

‪#‎B‬. Jieng Representatives from Jonglei State.

1) Hon. Joshua Dau Diu, Luac (Padang) section (Bor).

2) Hon. Anne Lino Wor Abyei, Hol section( Bor).

3) Hon. Daniel Deng Lual, Nyarweng section(Bor).

4) Hon. Deng Dau Deng, Twic section(Bor).

5) Hon. Deng-Tiel Ayuen, Athoc section(Bor).

6) Hon. Maker Thiong Maai, Gok section(Bor)

‪#‎C‬. Jieng Representatives from Unity State:

1) Hon. Benjamin Majak Dau, Ruweng (Panaru) section.

2) Hon. Battaria Monyror Makuei, Alor section.

‪#‎D‬. Jieng Representatives from Lakes State.

1) Hon. David Deng Athorbe, Atuot(Yirol) section.

2) Hon. Gabriel Daniel Ayoal Makoi, Kiec section

3) Hon. Permana Awerial Aluong, Aliab section.

4) Hon. Chief Daniel Dhieu Matuet, Agar section (Rumbek).

5) Hon. Gabriel Daniel Deng Monydit, Pakam section (Rumbek)

6) Hon. General Daniel Awet Akot, Gok section (Rumbek).

‪#‎E‬. Jieng Representatives from Warrap State.

1) Ustaz Lewis Anei-Kuendit, Rek section (Tonj central).

2) Hon. Cauor Adong, Luacjang section (Tonj north).

3) Hon. Mawien Akol Aduol, Rek section( Tonj South).

4) Dr. Riak Gok Majok, Rek section ( Tonj East).

5) General Agasio Akol Tong, Aguok & Awan section (Gokrial)

6) Just. Ambrose Riny Thiik, Apuk(Giir Thiik) section (Gokrial).

7) Hon. Joseph Lual Achuil, Nyok, (Kuac) section (Gokrial).

8) Hon. Mayom Kuoc Malek, Twic maryardit section ( Twic West).

9) Hon. Charles Majak Al, Twic Mayardit section ( Twic central).

10) Hon. Kuany Mayom Deng, Twic Mayardit section (Twic East).

‪#‎F‬. Jieng Representatives Bahr El Ghazal State [Mading Aweil].

1) . Joseph Aguer Alic, Akuang Ayat section.

2) Hon. General Albino Akol Akol, Malual Geernyang section

3) Mr. Cleto Akot Kuel, Paliopiny section.

4) Hon. Arthur Akuen Chol, Paliet section.

5) Hon. Pio Tem Kuac Ngor, Abiem west section.

6) Hon. Aldo Ajou Deng Akuei, Abiem central section.

7) Hon. Kom Kom Geng, Abiem East section

‪#‎G‬. Jieng Representatives from Western Bahr El Ghazal State.

1) Mr. Moris Yol Akol, Wau marialbai section.

The above elders prior to December 15,2013 crisis according to reports, often meet in person or on phone with President Salva Kiir and Gen Malong Awan to strategise plans, recruit youths and to instil tribal agenda within their states. The agenda is often about ‘Riek Machar should not be allowed to take leadership’ and ‘Nuer are our only enemies in South Sudan’.”

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