Breaking News: The ground works, US ambassador speaks about alleged CIA letter

Daniel Danis | July 19, 2016 

US Ambassador to South Sudan, Amb. Molly Phee
US Ambassador to South Sudan, Amb. Molly Phee

This week, a security document caught the attention of many South Sudanese online.

The letter, allegedly written by the American Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, claims that the U.S plans to carry out a covert operation in South Sudan with the aim of targeting some senior government and military officials.

The letter also claims a certain company named DynCorp International Incorporation based in the U.S has successfully completed the deployment of 3 Spyder Missiles in South Sudan.

It’s was allegedly signed by Colonel David V Rochar and Mr. Delores M. Nelson.

These two names, however; do not seem to appear anywhere or on any active search engine online, either attached or working for the CIA or DynCorp International Company, which is a private military contractor based in the U.S and has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Nigeria.

In an exclusive interview with Daniel Danis, this evening, U.S Ambassador to South Sudan, Molly Phee, categorically said the letter was intended to harm the relationship between her country and South Sudan.



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