27 women raped near UN Jebel base

UN Jebel camp

Twenty-seven women have been raped over the last two days by soldiers outside the UN camp in Jebel Kujur in Juba, according to a civil society group has told Eye Radio.

The End Impunity Organization says the women were raped on different occasions when they came out of the camp to go and look for food.

It says most of the women are part of the civilians who fled to seek protection after the violence that broke out in Juba last week.

The Regional Director of the Organization, Angelina Daniel, said some of the women are traumatized and are currently receiving treatment within the POC site.

“Only 7 of them reached to get medicine at the medical support [center] but the other 20 refused to go because of the shame and because of the trauma that they are going through,” Ms Daniel said.

The SPLA says it is yet to receive a formal report on the matter. However, the SPLA spokesman says he shared the report with seniors in the military.

“So we are in touch with each other and as soon as we are able to get the communication, then we will be in a position to respond,” said Brigadier Lul Ruai Koang.


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