James Gatdet Dak reacts to Taban groups who is siding with the Gov’t and SPLM-IO said yes toAU and UN to send addition troops, what is going on?


July 20, 2016, according to James Gatdet Dak’s reaction to Taban and Lol Gatkuoth who publicly say that there is no need for intervention from regional force. He says that, “the position of the SPLM/SPLA (IO) is very clear that we support the proposed deployment of a third force in the national capital, Juba. The unbelievable lawlessness which exploded at the very palace (J1) of President Salva Kiir on Friday, July 8, 2016, has clearly indicated that either he lost control of his army commanders and forces or he is himself a suspect in the mess.”

Meanwhile Taban and Lol including the Minister of Interior, Alfred Lado Goreseems to being force to say they are with the government by rejecting the AU and UN proposal.

However, James Gatdet says, “In order to restore peace, security and civility to the capital, to protect civilians and the country’s leadership including President Kiir himself, there is need for deployment of additional foreign troops with a stronger mandate under the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)”

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