Breaking News: SPLM-IO forces around Yei-Juba road crashed government forces on Wednesday


July 21, 2016, According to James Gatdet Dak, SPLA-Juba went to hunted down Dr. Riek Machar around Juba area but only met their graves.

James Gatdet Dak says that, the SPLA-IO forces have repulsed a massive offensive being carried out by President Salva Kiir’s forces on Juba-Yei road in violation of the cessation of hostilities declared on July 11, 2016. However, they have been crashed with a number of their tanks and military trucks (urols) destroyed or captured. They have also incurred heavy losses in human lives wasted.

Their ramnants have been scatterred in disarray in the bushes.
The aim of the offensive was to look for and hunt down the First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar, despite his repeated assurances that he is willing to return to Juba once a third party force is deployed soon. However, our forces are ready to fight back in self-defence and the Tuesday and Wednesday clashes around Mundri town and on Yei road – like at Jebel Kujur battles in Juba – are bitter lessons to the warmongering forces of President Salva Kiir.
We call on regional players and the wider international community to put pressure on President Kiir to give peace a chance and stop the military offensive in case he is in control of his forces.


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