Chinese oil company evacuates oil workers from South Sudan

The China National Petroleum Company has evacuated most of its workers from South Sudan after fighting started in the capital Juba earlier this month, a staterun paper announced on Tuesday.

Many foreigners have been evacuated from South Sudan after a deadly fighting erupted in Juba, and lasted for four days between forces of President Salva Kiir and Vice President Riek Machar. At least 500 people were killed in that attack, and First Vice President Machar has fled the capital.

“From July 12 to 18, the company has successfully evacuated 191 CNPC employees due to the conflict in South Sudan. CNPC also helped to evacuate another 157 people working in Chinese organizations there,” a state outlet said. “So far, CNPC’s production operations are still stable and in good order in South Sudan.”

CNPC said after the evacuation it will have 77 staff members left to maintain security at its operations, with 24 of them based in Juba.