Day: July 24, 2016

Deputy SPLA IO military spokesman condemned Taban Deng aLol Gatkuoth

July 24,  2016, FAULTS AND WEAKNESSES OF FORMER GOVERNOR OF UNITY STATE, UNDERMINING HIS FITNESS FOR THE POSITION. General Taban failed to demonstrate a good leadership style during his terms as Unity state governor.His defection today and Ezekiel Lol(Gatkier) would not make any change at all within the SPLM/A-IO. Taban made no significant changes in

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Urgent notes: SPLM-IO Abroad are advise to cut connection with Miyong Kuon (IO Representative to UN), James Mawich Bichok (IO Representative to Brazil) and Hussein Mar Nyuot ( IO Humanitarians Minster

July 24, 2016, The SPLM-IO office in Nairobi is advising its members abroad to cut connection to James Mawich Bichok, IO representative to Brazil and Miyun Kuon the IO representative to United Nation and Hussein Mar Nyuot ( The IO Minster for Humanitarian.  

The SPLM-IO Ethiopia Amb. Goy Joyful is calling up on the people of South Sudan to stand with Dr. Riek Machar

July 24, 2016, SPLM-IO representative to Kenya Ambassador Goy Jooyul Yol on the press statement today in Addis Ababa called up on all South Sudanese people to “not looses hope” and stand with SPLM-IO leader Dr. Riek Machar. Speaking with media in hotel in Addis Ababa, Amb. Goy Jooyul also, call on IGAD to stand

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Trump’s White Supremacist Fans Say ‘Rational’ Approach Will Help Achieve Ethnic Cleansing Of U.S.

By Rika Christensen on July 24, 2016 Everyone thinks of people like the KKK when they think of white supremacists. Indeed, it’s no secret that the KKK’s former Grand Wizard, David Duke, loves Donald Trump. However, there are other white supremacists here who are far less obvious, and therefore, more insidious, than anything groups like

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What is Coup mean in Dinka? South Sudan says recent clashes a “failed” coup

July 24, 2016 (JUBA) – The South Sudanese government claimed on Friday 8 July clashes by rival forces in the capital, Juba was an attempted coup, which “failed”. Fierce clashes broke out between soldiers loyal to President Salva Kiir and bodyguards of First Vice President Riek Machar as the two leaders met to address earlier

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