Deputy SPLA IO military spokesman condemned Taban Deng aLol Gatkuoth

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July 24,  2016,


General Taban failed to demonstrate a good leadership style during his terms as Unity state governor.His defection today and Ezekiel Lol(Gatkier) would not make any change at all within the SPLM/A-IO. Taban made no significant changes in term of development and good governance that can prove him today for the second chance to lead the nation and also for his further promotion.These steps made it clear that The minister of Mining could not fit in the shoes of Dr.Machar despite his greedy for power.

Instead, Taban end –up by promoting high corruption, creating insecurity, messing up the public funds at his time in power and direct bribery for army generals as well as the security personal to protect him and let him remain in power for several years despite the call from the citizen in Unity state,Bentiu for his removal .He ended by employing all his relatives and close friends who are unqualified as protection units for him in all state institutions which I could called as direct nepotism.

Comrade Taban also rigged the votes in 2010 during the country general election and used military meant to remain in power while he was defeated by Madam Angelina Teny.

He was also suspected to be among the top 75 leaders leveled by the president Kiir for corruption and not only that he also involved in dura Saga case that lost 4 billion USD from the government account.

Taban Deng has a kind of dictatorial leadership style whereas he doesn’t allow others to express their view through media and other channels of communication.
He restricted the media houses in Unity state at the time of General election and arrested one of the correspondents from the V.O.A Media house who reported irregularity in the voting centers during 2010 general election. No freedom of speech where the voices of the voiceless could be heard and privatized all the government business for his own benefit.

Those who are currently leading the campaign for Gen.Taban to replace Machar would regret one day and better for those who are remaining in silent mood.

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