Trump’s White Supremacist Fans Say ‘Rational’ Approach Will Help Achieve Ethnic Cleansing Of U.S.

By Rika Christensen on July 24, 2016
Everyone thinks of people like the KKK when they think of white supremacists. Indeed, it’s no secret that the KKK’s former Grand Wizard, David Duke, loves Donald Trump. However, there are other white supremacists here who are far less obvious, and therefore, more insidious, than anything groups like the KKK could do. They appeared at the Republican National Convention in droves to cheer on their hero, Donald Trump.

This group is well-heeled, well-dressed, clean-cut, and they want to remove everyone who isn’t white and Christian from this country. Literally. They think Trump will help them further their “rational” arguments in support of an actual ethnic cleansing of the U.S. Following Trump’s disaster of a speech at the Republican National Convention, Richard Spencer, a very prominent white supremacist, said:

“We’ll help [blacks, Jews, Hispanics, etc.] go somewhere else. I’m not a maniac.

I know in order to achieve what I want to achieve, you have to deal with people rationally.”

Because expelling most of the U.S.’ population is a completely rational position to have.

He is a maniac – he just can’t see it.

After Trump’s Thursday speech, Spencer and others spoke to a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition as well as an executive from another major Jewish group, and these two were shocked at how cavalier he and his group were in totally dismissing their concerns out of hand, like they’re second-class citizens.

To these people, though, they are second-class citizens. And these are the kinds of people Donald Trump draws to him, and only rejects them when the press pushes him on it. His campaign slogan is a magnet for white supremacists. In fact, Spencer actually said:

“Trust me. Trump thinks like me. Do you think it’s a coincidence that everybody like me loves Trump and supports him?”

He’s not wrong. His Royal Whiteness has called for deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants, barring Muslims from entering the country, and says he’s the “law and order candidate” who will stop the “terrorists” that are Black Lives Matter. It’s actually not a surprise that white supremacists love him.

But don’t call them “white supremacists!” They like “Europeanists,” “alt-right,” and “white nationalists.” In other words, they use terms that couch their white supremacy in something that they think sounds less bigoted, so they can turn more people into bigots.

Spencer is actually on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s radar because he pushes Aryan Nation ideals so hard. He believes that the ethnic cleansing required to return “dispossessed” white people to their rightful place on high should be peaceful, but should definitely happen post haste. He’s called Martin Luther King, Jr. a fraud and degenerate, and he’s said that immigration is a proxy war against white people whose grandchildren would find themselves in a country “alien and hostile” if action isn’t taken.

The sickest part of this is that Spencer not only thinks he and his positions are rational, but that Trump will “cleanse” this country in a calm and rational manner, because if ethnic cleansing is just done right, it won’t in unrest or violence and will put white people back into their ivory towers. These people are one of the primary reasons Trump is so dangerous.


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