Breaking News: The Chairman of JMEC Festus Mogae said he will work with Taban Deng as FVP on BBC focus on Africa

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Please click here South Sudan: Festus Mogae weighs in

South Sudan faces ongoing political turmoil, following the replacement of Riek Machar as first vice president.

After Dr Machar’s soldiers clashed with President Salva Kiir’s forces, Dr Machar was forced out of the capital. The following week a senior official from his SPLM-In Opposition or SPLM-IO, Taban Deng, was sworn in as first vice president in his place. Dr Machar has rejected his sacking.

So how has the oversight body for the peace agreement responded? Festus Mogae leads the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Committee. He spoke to the BBC’s James Copnall.

(Photo: Festus Mogae, Head of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Committee. Credit: BBC News.)

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