Breaking News: Calls to mobilize youths to join army in Kiir’s home state


KWAJOK (2 Aug.)

Hundreds of people in Kwajok in Warrap have turned out on Monday to commemorate Martyr’s Day at Freedom Square amid calls from authorities for mobilization of more troops following fighting in Juba last month.

Marty’rs Day is usually observed on 30 July every year but the government pushed it to Monday this year.

In a speech on the occasion, Gogrial State Governor Abraham Gum Makuac called on youths who are willing to come forward and register with local authorities so that they will be trained to join South Sudan’s army, SPLA.

“It is good that some commissioners are here so that they will know from now that we need to mobilize youth before we are informed by Juba. Anyone of you (youth) who is ready and want to be registered please go Akot Malueth (the police commissioner) and he will register your names and there is no problem whether you are from Gogrial or another state,” he added.

Meanwhile, the head of wounded soldiers in Gogrial State Simon Anguei Madut expressed concern about the lack of support to the families of war victims and disabled.

“This day is important to be celebrated and remember those who sacrificed their lives because of us. But after the independence which is the freedom we fought for our hopes are that there will be good roads, schools and development so that our children can go to schools,” Anguei stressed.

Gum said, “Let’s always pray and remember our fallen heroes and heroines and stand firm with their children and widows they have left behind.”

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