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ssln, imagine of Loa Massacre Nimule, August 4, 2016; Darkness descended on Loa villagers when fully armed government soldiers attacked and shot dead seven unarmed men who have gathered at a funeral of one of their relatives. Leaving the old dead behind, the villagers came to take their dead for burial, this website has obtained photos of gruesome murdered of the civilians but we have decided not published those photos as per wishes of the immediate family members except this one which appeared above.

The dead bodies were heavily guarded by the soldiers who claimed the seven men they killed were rebels belonging to Martin Kenyi who defected from the government since 2015. The army claimed they executed the orders of their commander, who gave orders to kill unarmed, defenseless civilians gathered at a funeral place.

Kenyi’s defection though has nothing with ordinary and poor Ma’di, this has left them vulnerable and have been targeted by the Kiir regiment since the killing of Nimule head chief in September 2013.

The recent Loa killing confirms to us the alleged statement issues by Kiir government, ordering to shoot and kill any Ma’di male from the age of fifteen years and above.

Luka Adigesi, an administrator and a prominent teacher whose teaching profession began back in 1980s in Loa Intermediate School and has span over two decades in Alere and Adjumani refugee camps during the war of liberation was among those executed in his Loa parish compound.

The remains of these victims were left at the spot all day till Sunday the following day before the locals could gain access to bury. In the meanwhile decomposition aided by natural elements set in. The stench invited wild animals that tried to feed on the remains.

Even though the locals ran for their lives, the army still went door to door hunting people, mainly men to gun down.

Some of the army embarked on looting. Our reporter gave an account of witnessing iron sheets being pulled from roof tops, mattresses being carried, chickens and goats being chased for catch! Cassava and maize have been harvested by the soldiers from the farms of the locals majority of them had left to Uganda already.

Despite this heavy loss in a peaceful community such as Loa, where at least five of those killed were related, not a single government official from Torit or Juba issued any statement of condemnation. The government is still adamant Kenyi is harboring rebels in Ma’di. The one million question the people of Loa and the Ma’di at large wish to ask Kiir is why is Kiir shying away from facing real rebels carrying guns in Juba at Jebel Kujur?

When reached through his aid the government of Kiir’s proposed Imatong state, said there same thing is happening in Torit so he has no time to attend the issue of Madi land. This is clearly misguided and useless and utter nonsense.


Andrew Olweny.


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