UN Security Council agrees to send regional force into South Sudan, no arms embargo

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Diplomats at the United Nations have agreed to send 4,000 regional peacekeepers into South Sudan, the New York Times reported on Friday afternoon.

The report came roghly five hours before the United Nations Security Council is expected to vote on the American proposal for a regional protection force in New York.

Sources tell Radio Tamazuj that there are minor changes to the American draft that was presented last Sunday, which Minister of Information Michael Makuei rejected and claimed gave the UN an ability to govern. It was not immediately clear what those changes were, and if the government objected to the new proposal. Sources inside the government were weary to speak about the proposal.

The diplomats did not agree to an arms embargo on South Sudan, and instead decided to use the issue as a tool of coercion to force the government to agree to the force.

The regional force appears to have a broader mandate than United Nations peacekeepers.

The regional force will be authorized to “promptly and effectively engage any actor that is credibly found to be preparing attacks, or engages in attacks, against United Nations protection of civilians sites, other United Nations premises, United Nations personnel, international and national humanitarian actors, or civilians”, according to the New York Times.