Breaking News: SPLM-Io General Chief of Staff says help is on the way, and is asking civilians to AVOIDED areas closed to Government soldiers


August 14, 2016, Juba, General Staff of SPLM-IO Lt general Simon Gatwech Dual warns civilians to avoided areas close to government soldiers. He also says that help is on the way to Juba.

in the other news,

According to James Gatdet Dak, SPLM-OI has closed all routes leading to Juba from Bor-Juba road.

Juba-Bor road is being closed by our forces who are currently around Mongala area as the national capital is being besieged from different directions. They clashed with President Kiir’s forces on Saturday, neutralizing 10 of the enemy soldiers and capturing one military truck.
Also our forces are in full control of Juba-Yei and Juba-Mundri roads as well as in control of the northwest direction of the capital in Terekeka area.
Lobonok, the hometown of Vice President, James Wani Igga, is currently cut off from Juba.
Soon our forces will also close Juba-Nimule and Juba-Torit roads.
It is a matter of time before they move on Juba against the offenders and take full control of the city so as to restore law and order.


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