Salva Kiir Endangers Humanity, Mocks World Leaders

August 24, 2016

President Salva Kiir’s conduct, since the return of Dr. Machar to Juba, is not only a miscarriage of the compromised peace agreement, or dragging the country back to war, but a mockery of world leaders and institutions.

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By Davide Odoŋi

Over 50,000 lives abbreviated; 1.6 million internally displaced; and 12,523 UN peace keepers killed in South Sudan since December 2013, per Global Conflict Tracker. However, President Salva Kiir continues to mocker global leaders by inciting conflicts, twisting facts and endangering humanity.

The eruption of South Sudan’s ongoing conflict in December, 2013, boggled many. Government supporters, or rather ‘the president’s tribal supremacy loyalists’, concocted contradicting narratives to incriminate Dr. Riek Machar and his colleagues – who are nicknamed “the Group of 10 or G10”. Those narratives were countered by many agreeing others, similar to theaccount by Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba.

The recent armed clash, of July 8th through 12th, 2016, between SPLA and SPLA-IO, which, once again,  killed hundreds [if not thousands] of people and injured unprecedented counts at the rate, confirms that Dr. Riek Machar has been a scapegoat all along. The “attempted coup” allegation, of December, 2013, was indeed a twisting of facts to defame Dr. Machar, who is the president’s most feared challenger. So are the July 7th-11th, 2016 deadly events.

If Dr. Nyaba, South Sudan’s former minister of Higher Education, is to author a narrative of this incident, he would have to mainly alter the date and location from his report of December 2013 incident and reverse the ratio of Dinka soldiers to Nuer soldiers in SPLA. The rest of the information would pretty much be the same. That includes ‘The Tribal Supremacy Loyalists”  objectives and lies.

Dr. Riek Machar, the country’s first vice president and leader of the opposition force (SPLM/A-IO), returned to the nation’s capital, Juba in April, 2016 in compliance with the August, 2015 compromised peace agreement. This accord could have been signed earlier, but Salva Kiir and cohorts, by implication, wanted to see a higher death toll. Still, on international leaders’ watch, Mr. president and his ‘Tribal Supremacy Loyalists’, managed to waste the peace brokers’ resources and shortened many innocent lives.

Furthermore, SPLA, with a tribal militia support, as reported by various media outlets, applied different arsenals with clear intent to annihilate SPLM/A-IO force and its leader, Dr. Riek Machar. When the mission failed, Mr. president resorts to intimidating and maltreating SPLM-IO and SPLM-G10 ministers in his Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) cabinet, using his security apparatus, known in Juba and across the country, as “the unknown gunmen”. Because they have been selecting and killing, as they wish, without  accountability, since 2005.

This is not only a miscarriage of the compromised peace agreement, or dragging  the country back to war, but President Salva Kiir Mayardit and cohorts, are making a mockery of world leaders and institutions.


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