Gen Peter Gadet promotes rebel military chiefs

On August 6, a one Kerbino Gatkuak Koang said the rebel army had released the names, sequence numbers and selection for the Army Competitive Category officers recommended for promotion by a board of (SSUM/AF).

The nomination list was later confirmed by the Military Council before schedule promotions.

On August 31, Gadet issued another statement promoting the named officers.

They include Major. Generals, Brigadier Generals, Colonels/ Lt. Colonels, Majors, Captains, etc.

Some of the notables are Maj. Gen. William Weithieng Mut, Maj. Gen. Ruadhdeal Bol and Maj. Gen. Mai Manyluony.

Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak is the Office of Chairman and the Commander in Chief of the rebel force that is opposed to Juba government under President Salva Kiir and deputy Taban Deng Gai.

Gadet broke away from Riek Machar’s resistance after the rebel chief signed the August 2015 peace agreement in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.


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