Donald Trump-Supporting Pastor Claims He’s Being Threatened By ISIS, Black Panthers

Pastor Mark Burns (Twitter)

Pastor Mark Burns (Twitter)

Sept. 4, 2016,
By Jamal WhitemanPastor Mark Burns, a fervent Donald Trump supporter, is complaining that his life has been threatened after speaking out against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama.

“As Mr. Trump said, Hillary and Obama founded ISIS. They have dispatched a joint ISIS-Black Panthers hit team to take me out,” said Burns in an interview with right-wing conspiracy site World Net Daily. “But I will not be silenced. I will continue to support Mr. Trump.”

World Net Daily was a leading source of birther material and also runs articles warning about the islamization of America.

Burns is still reeling from a disastrous interview with CNN’s Victor Blackwell, where he was confronted over discrepancies in his educational and military record.

Raw Story stated that Burns claimed he graduated from college, but only spent one semester in university. He also claimed to have spent six years in the Army Reserve, but it was actually a short spell in the National Guard.

However, Trump has come to his defense.

“I love Mark Burns,” said Trump in an interview with WEHW. “Just because he doesn’t speak good English, is unsophisticated and lied about his college and military record, it doesn’t mean he’s not a great guy.”


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