South Sudan president Salva Kiir says Firing Riek Machar saved ‘forced’ Peace agreement

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President Salva Kiir of South Sudan has always maintained that the peace agreement he signed in August last year with his former first deputy president, Riek Machar, was imposed on him, and that difficulties in its implementation were not surprising.


This a call he made once again when said those who forced him to sign should be happy he is still willing to implement it despite the fact thathe fired his peace partner Riek Machar.
He said that despite the imposition of some provisions amidst his reservations at the time of the signature, he and his administration have accepted to implement it.

President Kiir also reiterated his call for Dialogue  over the proposed deployment of a third party foreign force to Juba so that their mandate is understood before they could deploy.

“When we accepted to sign the peace, we knew it was not going to be easy because certain provisions were imposed but we accepted because peace was very important and it remains the important thing even today,” he said.

“That is why we are saying that we should learn from mistakes made in the past. That instead of sending protection force, we need first to understand what they are coming to do, when they will come and how long they will stay in the country,” said president Kiir while meeting the head of the United Nations in South Sudan on Thursday, a day before the arrival of the UN Security Council’s members to Juba.

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