St. Louis Prosecutor Who Helped Cover Up Beating Of Suspect Loses Her Law License

d down in St. Louis this August when the Missouri State Supreme Court disbarred a crooked prosecutor who tried to cover up a case of police brutality.

Bliss Barber Worrell lost her law license on August 10 and is no longer allowed to practice law in Missouri. Worrell buckled under the pressure of being faced with prison time and testified against the police officer she previously sought to protect.

As part of a plea bargain, Worrell admitted to trying to cover up the unlawful actions of Thomas A. Carroll, which involved beating a handcuffed inmate and sticking a gun in the inmate’s mouth.

Former prosecutor Worrell was given a sentence of 18 months probation, 140 hours of community service, and had her law license revoked. Former Officer Carroll got 52 months in federal prison.

Carroll is currently in prison for the 2014 beating of Michael Waller. Waller was arrested after using a stolen credit card that belonged to Officer Carroll’s daughter. Although Carroll was not the arresting officer, he did manage to find his way into the room Waller was being held in at the police station.

Carroll proceeded to beat Waller, although Waller was handcuffed at the time. Officer Carroll threatened to kill Waller if he told anyone about being beaten, and forced his gun into Waller’s mouth, chipping his teeth. Another officer entered the room, hit Waller, and left Waller with a black eye.

Officer Carroll and Worrell were found to have tampered with evidence and lied to investigators in hopes of covering up the case altogether.

The trial of this case involved numerous department officials and employees testifying to witnessing unprofessional conduct, such as being drunk on the job and making racist jokes. The District Attorney of St. Louis wants you to believe that it’s ‘just a few bad eggs,’ but even officers in the police department admitted to there being a larger pattern of abuse of power at all levels.

With police mistrust at an all time high. According to a Gallup poll, only 25% had a great deal in of confidence in the police and 31% had a great deal of confidence in the police. This attitude is not hard to ascertain. Whether it is Pedophilia, shooting unarmed suspects, planting evidence or outright torture US Police do it all.

The problem lies in that we give too much room for Police to commit crimes and get away with them. Because we have trusted the police to a fault. Never questioning what they do until they have done something horrendous, we as Americans say “It was justified” even though it obviously was not.

Americans have allowed a culture of violence and corruption in festering in US Police Forces, by giving them a near god-like immunity to the laws they are sworn to protect.


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