What is this? Mabor Garang Goes Head-on with James Gatdet Dak as $400,000 USD Donors Money Goes Missing

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September 9, 2016
Many various sources reported that the two high figures of the rebels of South Sudan, Mabior Garang, the spokesman of the IO and Press Secretary of Machar, James Gatdet Dak, are now on a head-on clash over money was given to them by some of their backers as financial help. They money disappeared, and no one knows where they are up to date.

The $400,000 US dollars were handed to James Gatdet according to a source close to Mabior Garang, but nothing was sent to people like Mabior until now.
Mabior has called James asking for his portion of the money, but he was told the money had been sent to Khartoum for medical expenses of their Chairman, Riek Machar, who is now under treatment in Khartoum, Sudan. That has not been accepted as a convincing action by Mabior Garang and his closer associates.james-gatdet-dak
They claimed the money was meant to be disposed between those in Kenya and Ethiopia only as to cover their living expenses and should not be sent to Khartoum.
Mabior later tried to reach his associate in Khartoum to confirm what Gatdet told them, but no one was able to give him a clear statement about the money.

Some people said Mabior was humiliated, and the phone was hung up on him before he ended his speech. People say Mabior might now feel isolated and may think of joining General Taban Deng, the man he turned his back on him a few months ago.
What happen to Mabior Garang as is being isolated is also an experience of many SPLM/A –IO have to deal with it. Many people like Agel Machar and other Dinka of the IO are now without money and are begging their relatives for financial support.
Long story short, James Gatdet didn’t deny receiving the money, but no evidence that the money has reached Machar in Khartoum. The best person to receive money would have been Angelina Teny, but she is not available to comment. People are saying James Gatdet is now driving and expensive car and living like a successful personage.
The disappearance of money between James Gatdet Dak and his friends mark a degree of corruption within the IOs, but that is not the first time such incident occurred, people indicated that it always the case whenever some money get onto a hand of one of the top leaders. Now as Machar is not in the picture, people like James Gatdet and Mabior Garang may take advantage of that and mismanage any amount of money that might reach them.

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