Gen. John Sunday Martin, IGAD Plus, need SPLM-IO under Dr. Riek Machar or No Peace: SOUTH SUDAN IS IN STATE OF DESPERATENESS FOR PEACE

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September 11, 2016,

Every civil strives are caused by lack of peace, and we cannot think of bringing an end to civil strife without bringing meaningful peace for those starving for Peace, like in a situation of South Sudan. Peace is fundamental rights which lay strong ground for the 2013 conflicts and it remains the main reasons for us today as members of the revolutionary movement under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar.

It is most unfortunately that, many, including International Community who are the custodian of the Agreement on the Resolution of the conflicts in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCSS), that was signed between SPLM-IG and SPLM-IO in August 16 and 26, 2015failed to understand that SPLM-IO is peaceful movement that focuses on addressing sociopolitical challenges south Sudanese are facing under the SPLM-IG.

Therefore, if we were, and still in state of civil strives as South Sudan against the regime of our own; it is because we hold on just believe of our rights to defend both our collective and individual rights – which SPLM-IG is unable to uphold for the last three decades. These are rights to the freedom from marginalization and domination, injustice and persecution, dictatorship and corruption as well rights for decent life and self-determinations, etc.

We need peace and because of our starvations for peace, we have to get into state of destabilizations first, in order to get stability. In this regard, we are not fighting because we need war, but because we need peace, and if we have any means to reach peace without war, then that means cannot be avoided at any cost – but this means still seem unveiled even by the so called Compromised Peace Agreement that IGAD-Plus has tried to impose on people of South Sudan, that resulted into difficulties in the implementation of the agreement, and another crisis in June 2016.

Therefore, the peace we are in search of as a nation can only be brought in collective manners by involvement of every concerned party all together in round table for peace searching, as well sustaining the peace found; but that requires ousting of the SPLM-IG, because peace and SPLM-IG can never coexist.

We have the power as a Nation to bring peace to ourselves, but this can only be possible if every party who are grieving against certainties in our Nation is brought together on roundtable – to reason for better understandings so as to reach desired compromise with objective of finding common grounds that can bring sustainable peace and set South Sudan on democratic path. Peace is the only means for our national democracy. Therefore, we cannot call for democracy without seeking for just peace because peace is tool for enhancing democracy – which can only happen not through violence but dialogue when all concerned parties, meets for common reasoning.

Even as we have armed ourselves to fight; I can confess that, SPLM-IO under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar is for peace, peace is everything in our mind and foundation of our armed struggle; therefore, we are ready and willingly for all options to attain national peace at any cost but only if International Community can reason SPLM-IO and team with us because we are the only hope of peace, for the Republic of south Sudan.
Our Nation is in state of desperateness for peace, and I hope, we will all together reach a compromise for the interests of our Nation which may require the International Community to recognize SPLM-IO as key partner in peace searching and sustaining because without SPLM-IO, never will there be a peace.

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