Breaking News: Fighting breaks out near Wau town

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September 12, 2016

Clashes erupted between government forces and opposition fighters in the west of Wau town in South Sudan’s Western Bahr al Ghazal State over the weekend, several eyewitnesses said. Eyewitnesses confirmed that they heard sounds of gunshots in the western part of the town on Saturday.
For his part, Tingo Peter, member of the armed opposition faction, claimed that their forces clashed with the government forces on Saturday near Wau town, saying the state government’s initiative to negotiate with the armed opposition faction failed.
Peter pointed out that the government had mobilized its forces and attacked the SPLA-IO position, but they were repulsed.

Separately, one person was killed by unknown gunmen at Hai Kreish in Wau town on Friday morning, while another man was injured in a separate incident on Saturday evening and that he was taken to the hospital for treatment.
Mel Aleu Goc, Wau town mayor, confirmed the incident, saying the victim at Hai Kreish was shot in the head and chest. The municipal official revealed that investigations are underway to identify the perpetrators.

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