Sub: Gajaak Nuer Community React to recent visit of Taban Deng to Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Gajaak Community in Ethiopia for Peace and Development

September 12, 2016

The Office of the Chairman
of Gajaak Community
in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

0n September 9, 2016 The largest Gajaak community in Ethiopia held an emergency meeting that condemn the recent move by Taban Deng Gai and Ezekiel Lol to mobilize Nuer communities in Ethiopia to support their move to join genocidal regime of “Salva Kiir”. We therefore, deny their statement that, they were welcome by Nuer and SPLM-IO official in Addis Ababa, this was unfounded allegation. However, they were only received by David Dang Kong SPLM-IO diplomat who declared his defection to government in the last two week. David Dang is not longer SPLM-IO official he is a Salva Kiir’s government agent.
The two politician came to Addis Ababa purposely to gain support from Nuer communities and to build international relation with federal government of Ethiopia. Quoting that, they need to build trade relation and construct road that link Ethiopia and South Sudan. South Sudan government could neither build road nor international relation on trade while it’s economy already been collapsed and security deteriorated in the country.
On the same day of their landing in Addis Ababa, Nuer communities in Addis Ababa highly attended the graduation ceremony of hundred Nuer sons who have graduated at various university across the country. The graduation ceremony was highly dominated by South Sudan crisis issue, in which Nuer communities at large condemned the two politicians ”Taban and Ezekiel” who defected to government. In the statements issued, Nuer communities openly explain their rejection to Taban Deng Gai, saying that the war is imminent and it will definitely continue if Taban Deng Gai is being recognized by international communities as FVP of Republic of South Sudan. One unidentified South Sudanese student graduate says, Taban’s name is not longer Taban I changed as Satan, mentioning that he is not always working for peace and the wellbeing of South Sudanese. He also quoted that, we do not need to call our children using the name Taban in various Nuer land.
Moreover, the office of Gajaak community in Ethiopia had condemned the move by two US official to cut off Dr. Machar from transitional government, mentioning that it can possibly aggravate the conflict in South Sudan. We urge John Kerry who recognize Taban as legitimate through his recent statement in Kenya and US ambassador to Sudan and South Sudan Ambassador Donald Booth, who recommend that it was “not wise” to return Machar to his previous position as First Vice President after he was chased out of the country by President Salva Kiir’s forces. Therefore, we expect the powerful nation like United state to help the young nation South Sudan realize peace.
But the community gladly welcome comment by Princeton N. Lyman, senior advisor to the U.S. president, described the idea to cut off Machar from the government as “illusion. He said Gai who replaced Machar in a controversial process does not control the opposition forces in the country, adding that fighting is ongoing across the country.
AS community, we welcome the finding by UN panel of experts report quoted by The Associated Press says President Kiir and army chief of staff, Malong, directed the fighting in Juba that killed hundreds, using MI-24 helicopters that only they had the authority to deploy. It cites “numerous reports” from South Sudanese senior military personnel and politicians. However, the office chairman of Gajaak Nuer community had bitterly condemned the recent war in Juba, instigated by South Sudan president Salva Kiir and military chief Paul Malong. President Kiir had been fabricating unfounded allegation that, Dr. Machar started the war and need to kill him in the palace.
“We therefore renew the call and urge the International communities, IGAD, AU plus to critically analyze and look into the situation of South Sudan and come with positive option that stop bloodshed of innocent civilian. The restatement of Dr. Machar will purely return the new nation into the path of peace while his rejection will possibly aggravated the situation in South Sudan. He is a visionary leader who does not have hatred for any tribe in South Sudan.

Signed by:
1. Kunen Nyak Bol
Gajaak Community Leader, in Ethiopia, tell:
2. Bang Kawich Deng, Gajaak Community Deputy leader


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