Breaking News: CEPO, a civil society organization in South Sudan is ordered by Juba-Security to close down by tomorrow.


September, 12, 2016, Community Empowerment Progress Organization (CEPO) executive director Edmond Yakani said he was given some days to stop operation. He said the national security called him for some explanation. He says that it yet not clear whether his office will close or not.

Below is some background.

Over the weekend, the United States says it was deeply concerned by what it calls “South Sudanese government’s increasing efforts to silence” civil society activists.
These remarks come four days after activist Emmanuel Wani was reportedly shot dead in Juba by armed men.
Mr Wani had met the UN Security Council members on the deployment of a regional protection force authorized by the UN body. Some activists who meet the Security Council team, say they have been receiving death threat messages days after the meeting.
According to media reports, three organizations have been told to close down in weeks, or else they would be considered illegal.

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