The National Democratic Movement

Press Statement

Date: 22/09/2016

Our county is undergoing the most difficult challenges in it’s history; challenges that threaten it’s very existence.
A country that was born with great expectations and support of regional and international friends has become a basket case due to bad leadership.
Our country now leads in the wrong indices; fragility, mortally, women death at birth, corruption, you name it.
The peace Agreement that was signed in August last year was seen by our war weary people as an opportunity to re-establish peace and chart a Course for good governance and development.
However, President Salva Kiir and his Jieng Council Elders made sure that the agreement is not implemented.
He went about violating it until he finally abrogated it last July by driving his First Vice President out of Juba and eventually out of the country.
Salva Kiir has found out that he violate the peace agreement with impunity and went on creating a new reality on the ground that is contrary to the provisions of the peace agreement.

Example include the 28 states rather than 10 states, no cantonment all over the country, not withdrawing his forces in Juba the level stipulated in the peace agreement, the reconstruction of the Transitional National

Legislative Assembly, imposition of a new power structure far from sharing to monopoly.
In fact, today, Salva Kiir does what is in his head and yet without shame proclaims that “he is implementing the agreement in letter and spirit”!!
The acquiescence and complacency of some of the guarantors of the peace agreement emboldened him to arrogantly throw the agreement into the waste basket. Didn’t he say when he was signing it on the 26th of August 2015 that the agreement wasn’t the Quoran nor the Bible!
For all intents and purposes Salva Kiir has done away with the peace agreement and closed all avenues for peaceful opposition.
In short, Salva Kiir has left our peace loving people with no option but to take up arms to defend themselves and their rights.
The National Democratic Movement was born to wage the struggle, together with others in the field, against the totalitarian, corrupt and ethnocentric regime in Juba that is bent on dragging our country into the abyss.
It was launched last August as a front bringing together the social and Democratic political forces as well as civil society activist, who want the political discourse in the country to be centred on the transformation of the centuries-old conditions of extreme poverty, ignorance, illiteracy and cultural backwardness of the masses of our people.
The movement is founded on the principles and concept of national Democratic Revolution based on the core values of Freedom, Equality/Justice and Fraternity/Solidarity anchored in their Historical and Philosophical Perspectives.
These values translate into fundamental rights and freedoms as provided for in the UN Conventions of Civil, Political,Economic, Social and Cultural rights.
The Political statement of the NDM released on the 31 August set out in details what the NDM stands for and how to rid our people of the totalitarian ethnocentric regime in Juba and replace it with a Pro-People inclusive government.
It must be clear from the outset,the NDM is not just for change of personalities in Juba to replace them with others of the same feathers; it is out for a radical change in to country that will bring about genuine State-building and Nation-building.
In the NDM is now established in many parts of South Sudan.
Last week,the Founding Meeting of the NDM was convened and approved the Basic Rules of the National Democratic Movement.
Pursuant to Article 53 of these Basic Rules, the Founding Meeting elected the provisional National Leadership Council and the Chairperson of the Movement,and resolved on other important issues to pursue the objectives of the Movement including appointing its representatives abroad.
As the NDM is totally committed to the unity of the Opposition,the Founding Meeting also endorsed the resolutions of the Consultative Meeting of the Forces of the Opposition held in Nairobi on 18-20 August 2016 and hailed it as a landmark in waging the struggle to bring about a genuine change in our country.
Many compatriots are on a daily basis joining the ranks of the NDM.
It holds the hope for our country as it has the correct programme and a clear vision on how to translate it in to reality.
We thank our people who stood firm behind the objectives of the NDM, they are the real drivers of change.

Dr. Lam Akol


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