A call on Dr. Riek Machar to stop betraying the Nuer who are dying everyday by nurturing spy JCE’s children in Khartoum while Nuer Children are being killed daily by JCE in Juba

A Riek.jpgSeptember 25, 2016, Africans Press has learned that the leader of SPLM-IO Dr. Riek Machar is welcoming Jieng Council of Elder to his camp in Khartoum which promoted a call on him by Nuer victim of Juba that he must stop Nurturing Jieng Council of Elder’s children who are being spy on him in Khartoum or face isolation within Nuer community, according some Nuer commentators on Social Media.

Dr. Riek Machar was seen in Khartoum welcoming Bona Malwal’s Daughter, Sandra Bona Malwal which caused an up-roar cry on social media among the Nuer people who just lost their relatives in Juba. Many Nuer seen Sandra Bona Malwal as a spy, her father is the leader of JCE who has been for the last three years working day and night to killed not only Dr. Riek Machar but all Nuer.

Therefore, according to some people within the Nuer community,  Dr. Riek did not learned his lesson, Dr. Riek have never distinction between an enemies and friends.



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