Breaking News: Obama Donates 5 Combat Helicopters to Uganda to hunt down Dr. Riek Machar


By: Paul Mugume
The United States Army has donated USD 86.9million for the purchase of five combat helicopters to Uganda to help Juba regime to huh down Dr. Riek Machar and Kenya to bolster their military capacity and peace keeping in the region.

The Huey II helicopters will be supplied by Bell Helicopter, an aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies Industrial Corporation.

The company will receive USD 52.1 million for five Huey II helicopters and spare parts for Kenya and another USD 34.5 million for five Huey II helicopters for Uganda, according to the US Defense Department release on Monday.

The Huey II helicopter seats up to 15 people and can provide troop transport into high altitudes, medical evacuation in hot conditions or transport to and from remote bases.

According to information from Bell Helicopter, the Bell Huey II’s weight load lift of 4,873 pounds in hot conditions was improved by combining Bell 212 dynamic components with the Honeywell T53-L-703 engine.

It has an endurance of 2.6 hours and 246 miles, and a maximum cruise speed of 106 knots per hour with the maximum load.


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