General update in Lich/Unity State (Mayom, Rubkotna, Mayiandit, Leer and Guit Counties)

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  1. October. 2016

1/ Mayom County

Our supporters and well wishers must know that, the SPLM/A I.O didn’t involve in the deadly clashes that occurred in Mankien payam, south of Mayom town.
The incident as per the report given to our state leadership by those loyal to Lt. Gen Bapiny Munytuil Wijang in Ruãthnyibol payam, says Gen Paul Malong Awan ordered the arrest of the Generals believed to be loyal to the dissident Lt. Gen Bapiny Munytuil as hereunder:

A/ Maj Gen. Matik Yidiit Malieth~ Deputy to Gen Matthew Puljang Top
B/ Brig Gen. Malek Dap Chuol~ Commander for Mankien town
* Therefore, the above mentioned Generals resisted the targeted arrest and responded by fighting back those loyal to Gen Puljang Top that let to the capture of Mankien town. Mankien payam is currently under forces loyal to Lt. Gen Bapiny Munytuil Wijang whose fate of loyalty is unknown since he resigned from government some days back.

2/ Rubkotna County

The SPLA I.O have not involved in the clashes that occurred in Unity oilfields of Rubkotna County. The incident according to our source from Kilo 30, says Lt. Gen Bapiny’s loyalists under Brig Gen. Goal Kowaye Khan, deputised by Col. Phar Biphean Machar, controlled Unity oilfields and chased Malong loyalists toward Panakuach in the north.

3/ Mayiandit County

On 9. October. 2016, The SPLA IO base at Nyamirnyãl area came under substantial attack from Government forces who came from Rubkuay and Mayiandit Headquarters but our courageous army under the County commissioner, Maj Gattuor Chakuoth and the mighty HaakBakolkuoth youth badly defeated them with high inflicted casualties on them in disarray.

4/ Leer County

On 9-10. October 2016, SPLA I.O base at Dindin payam came under attack from the government forces who came from Leer town and Philieny but the SPLA I.O forces under the County commissioner, Brig Gen. Mawich Nhial Pan pursued them beyond Leer town and killed a good number of officials of the so-called Southern Lich State including Taker’s state security adviser and commissioners. Our forces withdrawn back to their areas after the victory in Leer town.

5/ Guit County

Salva Kiir’s forces started a forceful recruitment of kids in and around Guit county. Two boys from Kedet and Biil Payams were beaten to death yesterday after the deceases tried to questioned the cause that they were forced to fight for. Most of the County sultans and elders who were unknowingly taken by some defected individual generals last month are now in prisons after they expressed their opinions on “why Jikany should join the government who castrated boys, raped girls and women, looted resources and so forth?”

( We better make you cry with the truths than make you smile with lies and propagandas)



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