Breaking News: Latest update in malakal areas Upper Nile

Oct. 14, 2016,


Latest update in malakal areas upper nile:

  1. Today evening at 6pm, our military positions near Wajwok and Lalo villages had been attacked by Spla forces stationed in respective locations mentioned and heavy fighting is going on right now.
    Let us pray for better outcome because we are tired of constant provocation of Juba tribal regime forces in areas of controlled.

2. Kindly you can referred to my message regarding preparation of juba to attack our military positions in the area with intention to invade West bank of Chollo kingdom.
I trust we will carry the night in this battle. Kindly stay tune for more updates on progress of this operations.

Best regards
Major.Gen Nyagwal Ajak Deng
Spokesperson agwelek divisions forces
Sector one SPLA-IO
Upper Nile


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