Breaking News: Juba is full of dozens wounded SPLA-Soldiers and Military Hospital has no supplies


Oct 18, 2016, Juba Military Hospital is facing shortages of medical supplies amid an upsurge in fighting in the country that left dozens of soldiers wounded as well as some civilians.

SPLA’s spokesman speaking to Radio Tamazuj yesterday acknowledged that 22 SPLA soldiers were wounded in clashes with General Johnson Olony’s forces on Friday.

Brig-Gen. Kuol Deng, medical director at Juba Military Hospital, told state-run television (SSTV) today that a group of private businessmen stepped in to donate supplies to the hospital owing to shortages and poor conditions facing soldiers and civilians wounded in recent attacks.

“We are fighting the war, but we have shortages, and we see that the citizens and business community can fill the shortage, so this is what you have done today, so we are very happy with your donation,” he said to state media during a visit by Freedom Group donors.

Gen. Kuol added that he was suffering from malaria but he came to attend the donation handover “because it is significant,” thanking the donors in the name of the hospital and SPLA leadership.

“I have seen the medicines, and the other medical supplies, they are good, I do not think that what is called short expiring date is not part of it. However, we welcome anything whether it is short expiring or not, because we will use them as soon as possible,” he said.

Separately, another source said that the hospital has received about 27 wounded including 22 civilians and five soldiers from the recent Yei-Juba road ambush, and another 20-30 wounded from recent clashes brought from Malakal and Juba.

For his part, Tanfiz Bol, chairman of the Freedom Group of Companies said that they decided to help after former SSTV presenter Michael Christopher told them of the suffering of patients at the hospital.

“We met as board of directors, and we decided to help after Michael Christopher came to us, and informed us about the condition of the people who are suffering in the hospital, so we came to see the people who were wounded on the Yei road, it was an unfortunate incident, and any patriotic South Sudanese cannot accept the incident that took place on the Yei road, because they are innocent citizens and children,” he said.


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