Breaking News: 42 NGOs Equatorians are killed in Bhar El Ghazal in cold blood


Oct. 27, 2016

bakulu2According to Nyarji Jermlili Roman, who is a part of SPLM-IO in Equatorians, he wrote the following message on his Facebook that, for those who are pretending to be nationalism, I don’t see any condemnations for the below act or those are not Human.

Last week 42 NGOs workers hailed from Equatoria region had been murdered in cold blood and 5 others are missing for almost a week kept in unknown place within Bahr Al Ghazal.

Eyewitness who named Akol also one of NGOs members admitted that the move of targeting Equatorian members work in greater Bahr al ghazal region come after president Kiir accused the Equatorian Youth last weeks for involved in murdering of dinka members along roads exit and entry to Juba capital especially Juba-Yei road. He Akol said that the SPLA soldiers and national security personnel are responsible for Carry out a such unexpected assassination against the NGOs workers in the region and he also call upon UN, Human Rights Watch and other organizations to pressure Kiir government to respects all NGOs workers in South Sudan and excluded them in the nation is on going conflict. because they are non arms they just providing the services to all civilians in the country.

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5 comments on “Breaking News: 42 NGOs Equatorians are killed in Bhar El Ghazal in cold blood”

  1. Good politics can relief South Sudan from its tedious dilemma of tribalism, nepotism, sectarianism, and favoritism, which have nothing to do with liberation and struggle. Good politics can be carried out by good politicians and leaders and vice versa.
    We need good politics in South Sudan so as to faster the velocity of development and human progress in the country instead of stagnant velocity. 50 years of struggle is quite enough period to know and understand politics, economic and defense strategies.
    The contrary practices in the name of politics are illegal, elusive and corruption at the expense of the innocents people of South Sudan. No proper schools is a crime against education, no hospitals is a crime against healthcare, no peace is a crime against humanity and God who created human beings to enjoy calamity and tranquility.
    Wrong politics has changed the intention of the creator by introducing new images and depicting imaginary thoughts. Politics as a science is good and excellent, but as a philosophy and practices, it has turn into an issue of conflict and disagreement between brothers and sisters or one family or community.
    Who should be blamed in your opinion? My father never told me, your mother never told you, who is suppose to tell me the truth?

  2. we should have sense of reporting News to the general public and they should base on facts which are happening but not on your personal interest and I think those who inciting war among tribes in south Sudan ,he/she will will face it horrible and almighty father is there washing you guys who preaching for instability of this country and heavenly father will Punished your horrible behaviors of targeting some individual tribe in south Sudan.

    I would like to advise my follow south Sudanese to focus on peace and leave those are anti-peace and they will come back by themselves because they are losing their mission and Goals of becoming leaders by force and nothing will happen this nation and we must work harder to have a peacefully country
    those who good in give out wrong information to the people will be going heal and please stop tarnishing the image of one tribe in your interest but not facts on ground.

  3. Hi Henry, it is sad to watch dead brothers like this. May Almighty Father rest them in peace. They don’t deserve to die. those like Martin Kenya and others who fueling tribal fight are the ones to die not innocent citens whether they are Dinkas or Equatorians. After all what do Equatorian politicians want? Equatoria is the only region who have benefited since the CPA was signed in 2005. There is a development that has been going on compare to the two regions of Bahar Ghazal and Upper Nile. Equtorians asked for more States and they were given a good number of Staes. Why are they fighting for now. The Dinka have no problems at all with Equatorians. Equatorians must tell the Dinka what has gone wrong between them. President Kiir is a Dinka but President of South Sudan. If he misrule the country, he must be accountable for his wrong doing and not his tribe. If the vice president become a president and commit mistakes, he should be condamed and not the citizens of Equatoria. This attitude of blaming the whole Dinka tribe is totally wrong and must be changed. I feel sorry for the lost of 42 citizens. They are our fellow countrymen.

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