Kenya is fulling of Un Mission and accuses UN of failure its mandate and blame it on Kenya

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h-e-president-uhuru-kenyatta-makes-a-speech-to-the-nation-after-the-attack-on-garissa-university-college-on-thursday-april-2-2015.jpgNov. 3. 2016, Following the decision by the UN SG Ban Ki Moon sacking the UN Mission in South Sudan force commander, a Kenyan who assumed the responsibility this, Kenyan has not take it cool and said they would do the follow as soon as possible:

Rejected the dismissal of the UNMISS force commander and the offer by UN asking Kenyan goverment to avail his replacement
Withdraw its troop from UNMISS with immediate effects. Kenya current has over 1,200 soldiers in South Sudan serving under UNMISS
Discontinue plans to contribute to the propose Regional Protection Force to be deployed in South Sudan.
Disengage from South Sudan Peace process

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