Press release: Machar’s spokesman at JKIA facing deportation with afternoon flight to Juba

PRESS RELEASE Date: 3/11/2016

For immediate release:

We, the Sudan’s People Liberation Movement/Army in opposition call for the Government of Kenya to intervene immediately for the release of the detained official. Therefore, the official who is now facing deportation to South Sudan capital without charges is currently detained at Jumo Kenyatta International airport; purposely to wait for the afternoon flight to Juba. If that is what it takes and the government of Kenya is feeling discomfort of him being in its territory, then it should immediate release and relocate him to Pagak through Ethiopia or South Africa where his chairman stays temporarily.

We call upon intervention of IGAD security sector and Kenya government not to accept the unwise decision made by South Sudan government to deport the chairman’s mouth piece to enemy’s territory. Deportation of comrade James Gatdet to Juba is a harmful decision against the international laws. There should be procedures to be followed like court order in order for him to be dismissed out from the country. It’s an inappropriate and illegal to deport someone without right procedures.

The Sudan’s People Liberation Movement/Army would like also to inform the general public that they should remain calm as talks are under way between the top management of SPLM/IO and leadership in Kenya to secure his release.

By: Major Dickson Gatluak Jock

Deputy Spokesperson, SPLA-IO


Tell: +251929484417


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