Breaking News: Is James Gatdet Killed on his arrival to Juba? Kenyan MP Hon. James Ndungu Githinji thinks so, this maybe the case


Nov. 4, 2016, Hon. James Ndungu Githinji, send and apology letter to his friends who question his role in deporting James Gatdat Dak. Hon. James Ndungu Githinji  is a one of the MP who was campaigning for the deportation of James Gatdet Dak, the SPLM-IO spokesman has just send a message to wrong person claiming he is now realise that he made a big mistake.

Hon. James Ndungu Githinji contacted one his associates in Kenya by caliming that “what we find in Juba was not what we thought it is, I am sorry that I am actually involves in this” he said.

Today in Juba, after they have finish their campaign in Juba to discuss what they will do to all SPLM-IO supporters in Nairobi, the lead chairman of the 15 Kenyans MPs campaigning to ban South Sudanese opposition Kamam said, “We will discourage anybody trying to use our country as a launching pad for war. We are very categorical, we do not target a specify person but any leader from this region.”

“As you are aware, this is a team from Kenyan National Assembly, we are the friends of South Sudan and as friends of South Sudan we came here on fact-finding to assess your progress and get any information relevant to our committee,” he said.

“We are interested in a very peaceful South Sudan; we are also interested in seeing that nobody of whatever persuasion is allowed carrying out violent or political struggle using any East African states. And we are prepared as parliament to take these matters forward by way of coming up with motion and even a bill that will address matters of this nature,” Kamam stressed.

“We want to say from what we have gathered; we will of course have a very comprehensive press conference in Nairobi to issue and give our statement on what we have gotten from this place,” he further added.


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