Breaking News: $1.5 millions Dollars wasted, Gen. Peter Gatdet and Gen. Bapiny Montuil are out from Kenya after almost a month under indirect detention in Nairobi


November 6, 2016, $1.5 millions dollars wasted, another millions of dollars are wasted. Juba gaves $1.5 millions dolars to government of Kenya to prevent Peter Gatdet from leaving Kenya. This failed dela with orcrastred by a thugs of Stephen Taban Deng   Gai who were desparately to bring harm to Gen. Peter Gatdet. However, God is great, this deal has failed between Kenya government and South Sudan to prevent Gen. Peter Gatdet and Gen. Bapiny Monytuil to leave Kenya.

A source in Khartoum confirmed that Gen. Peter Gatdet and Gen. Bapiny Monytuil are no longer in Nairobi. Although this big blow up happen two days after another successful bribery that lead SPLM-IO’s spokesman James Gatdet Dak’s deportation to Juba. Juba seem to failed to secured the “big fish catch”



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