Breaking News: Kuol Manyang Juuk and Paul Malong are going nuts in Juba on Gen. Peter Gatdet escape from Nairobi after they gave Keny $1.5 millions Dollars to prevent Gan. Gatdet to escape


Nov. 6, 2016, A source in Juba contacted Africans Press just 30 minutes after Africans Press has reported that both Gen. Peter Gatdet and Gan. Bapiny Ponytuil are no longer in Kenya, that Kuol Manyang Juuk, the Dinka and Mathiang Anyoor’s defence Minister is going nuts in Juba after hearing the escape of Gen. peter Gatdet from Nairobi.

Source also reported that Gen. Paul Malong who has personally handed the money $1.5 million dollars to Kenya is also igetating  and wondering how and what to do with their in Kenya.



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