Breaking News: James Gatdet Dak has been Tortured and is on life threatening in Juba, according to the Spokesman of the SPLA led Government Lul Ruach Koang

lul.jpgNov. 7, 2016 A source in Juba who want to remain anonymous says that he was told by Lul Ruach Koang, the Spokesman of the SPLA-led Government. He says  that James Gatdet Dak has beaten repeately. He also revealed that James Gatdet went under three hours torture on his arrival to Juba and was told to declared his defection to Stephen Taban Deng Gai, the Dinka led Vice president. However, James Gatdet refuses to declared his defection which led to more torture that put his life in danger as we speak he said.

This source also told Africans Press that Lul Ruach Koang told his “do say a word” this issue of James Gatdet will ignite a regional war, especially when truth is reveal as to why Gatdet was deported in first place.

James Gatdet is under detention by the National Security Service of South Sudan in Jebel area. We are communicating with some of his relatives who are there. The government of Kenya was totally wrong. You cannot deport somebody to an enemy territory. What Kenya did is like terrorism. The request was to take him to Pagan where we could protect him but instead the Kenyan Government decided to hand him over to the enemy. It is very unfortunate for Kenya Government to do such a thing,” Major Gatluak said.

His deportation is suspected to be linked to a Facebook post in which he supported the sacking of the commander of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (Unmiss) Lt-Gen Johnson Mogoa Kimani Ondieki by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon following an investigation that revealed serious shortcomings by the 16,000 peacekeepers during an attack by South Sudanese troops on civilians in July. Kenya had about 1,300 peacekeepers in South Sudan.

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