Breaking News: Salva Kirr has ordered internal investigation against SPLA-Spokesman Led Gov’t Lul Ruach, Lul is under-scrutiny and being investigated for leaking the Tortured of James Gatdet Dak

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Nov. 8, 2016, Africans Press received a threatening letter from Akol Koor demanding the person who leak the tortured of James Gatdet Dak in Juba. The letter which seems to be a personal expressions from Salava Kirr and Akol Koor was send to Africans press demanding to identified who was that person that was talking to SPLA Spokesman Lul Ruach Koang.

The letter also says President Salva Kerr would take action “against rebel who are spying against his government “. Although the letter did not identify who is rebel spokesman who is spying against government, this is a direct shot to current SPLA-led government spokesman

The letter also says that if the Africans Press would not identify the person, then, “we will investigate Lul Ruai and sued the Africans Press for publishing the private conversation between SPLA spokesman and who is that person maybe.

The Kenyan government in collaboration with South Sudanese authorities has deported the spokesperson of armed opposition leader, Riek Machar to the capital Juba, in a new shift in relations between the two countries.

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